(2/? ) Stoker caps.
One shot, one pill; okay, maybe two
of each. Or three. Okay, who’s counting?
I want to say I do this for fun, but
there is nothing fun about knowing
that the only way to get out of your own head
is to fill up and up and up and up
until there’s no room for you in there anymore
and finally, everything is quiet.
on vices, wesley king (via bombsinyourbones)

i am going to camp!! i will be gone until friday afternoon and after that i’ll probably sleep for a few hours. enjoy yourselves wash your hands before returning to work save a tree ect ect



" β€˜m heartbroken. "

"Well, get over it. And tell me what russian roulette is."



ghoul guides uniform better include some sick aviator shades or im quitting

current status:Β 



he’s just going to roll his eyes.

"did i hurt your feelings."